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Snowboard Bataleon Whatever 2023

Snowboard Bataleon Whatever 2023

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The Bataleon Whatever snowboard is dedicated to intermediate people, as well as those who aspire to such a level. This model is a good choice if you like cruising on the slopes and do not aspire to high speeds. 

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Deska snowboardowa Bataleon Feelbetter 2023

Flex: 4

Snowboard shape: directional twin

Snowboard width: standard

Level of advancement: intermediate/advanced

Strona producenta: Bataleon Whatever

Characteristics of the Bataleon Camel Two

The Bataleon Whatever snowboard is 99% symmetrical, it is a directional twin with a central center of gravity, but with a nose 1cm longer than the tail. This is a model that will allow you to ride aggressively and not lose grip even on a steep slope or in unprepared terrain. Whatever perfectly holds the edge even in conditions when ice appears on the slope.

This model, like 99% of snowboards coming out of the factory under the banner of Bataleon Snowboards, is equipped with the brand's proprietary patent, namely Triple Base Technology, specifically its Twin 3BT variant. This solution is characterized by a small increase in the base along with the expansion of the board at the height of the nose and tail, which provides a jibbly slack.

In addition, the Bataleon Whatever snowboard has been equipped with Side Kick Tips - a solution based on raising the edge in the widest part of the nose and tail. This solution makes the initiation of turns even easier and, in addition, the buoyancy of the board when riding in powder has significantly improved, and thus driving the board in difficult terrain is easier than before. Snowboards equipped with Triple Base Technology, thanks to the raised edges, are fast and stable when driving straight, while the three-dimensional shape of the base (central bulge) facilitates the initiation of turns and makes them easier to make.

When riding on the flat part of the base, only the middle part is in contact with the ground, which makes it much harder to catch the edge, while already during the initiation of the turn, the 3D shape creates a full arc with the snow, which guarantees excellent edge grip.

Snowboards equipped with Triple Base Technology are camber boards from nose to tail - the camber under the weight of the rider is properly pressed to the ground and the raised edges make the board have full contact with the effective edge in the turn.

feelbetter bataelon

Flex Bataleon Whatever

The Bataleon Whatever snowboard is dedicated to intermediate people, as well as those who aspire to such a level. This model is a good choice if you like cruising on the slopes and do not aspire to high speeds. The manufacturer declares the stiffness of his model as 4.5.

Model construction

The Bataleon Whatever Snowboard is a product based on the Light Core core, which is a combination of poplar and paulownia wood. In addition, the area between the bindings is connected with two carbon belts, which makes the board even more reactive, and the core of the board is secured on both sides with biaxial glass fiber. This combination makes the board very agile and very stable in driving.

The product has also been equipped with a new patent used in Lobster Snowboards and Bataleon Snowboards, i.e. Core D.S.T - Dual Super Tubes. These are two milled carbon tubes that run transversely between the bindings, this treatment is aimed at reducing the weight of the board without compromising its flexibility.

This model is equipped with a classic Super Slick X base, it is a pressed base with high hardness and high speed. how high? It all depends on the frequency of lubrication.

Side Kick

Dramatically increases edge lift at the widest part of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation even smoother, increasing buoyancy in powder and handling the board in rough terrain. Turn Initiation - With light pressure and small angle, the sides of the board start to approach the bindings, but the power remains constant along the contact edge. On the edge - When riding on the edge thanks to the 3D shape, the edge forms a full arc with the snow, thus offering unparalleled and strong edge grip

3BT - Triple Base Technology

At the heart of every Bataleon is the combination of 3BT™ and camber profile, a patented technology used for 19 years! It is an innovative solution to the profile jigsaw that minimizes the possibility of edge hooking without sacrificing pop and edge guidance. The shape, depth and elevation are matched according to the desired riding style of the board. Thanks to 3BT™, the board feels agile and easy to drive, even "surfing" on the snow, without losing stability and edge grip at higher speeds. Once you get to know 3BT™, you won't want to go back to your regular board!

Snowboard Bataleon

Bataleon Snowboards is a global brand that has been producing snowboards for over 19 years. It is a top premium brand known in the snowboard world for its Triple Base Technology. Boards made in TBT technology are cut transversely in the nose and tail area (similarly to the bottom of the boat), which creates three zones on the planing surface. This solution makes it much harder to catch the edge, and in powder the board is easier to "float" on the snow. Bataleon boards are manufactured in Austria using the highest quality materials. The most recognizable board model that has been in the collection since the beginning of the brand's existence is the Bataleon EVIL TWIN - a very versatile freestyle board that performs great on hills, but also rides very well on the edge, and if necessary, it can also handle powder.

Bataleon snowboards - 3rd generation TBT

In the 2018/2019 season, the Tripple Base Technology has its third generation, in which it has been further improved. First of all, the SIDE KICK has been improved by increasing the edge lift at the widest part of the nose and tail. This allowed to increase the board's buoyancy in powder and improved intuitiveness when initiating turns. Another important innovation is the so-called SUPER TUBES, i.e. carbon tubes inserted into the core of the board. This solution allowed weight "slimming" of the board while maintaining the same flex and ensuring its better elasticity!

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