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Snowboard bindings SP ME Split 2024

Snowboard bindings SP ME Split 2024

VAT included

The SP Split is light, stable and reliable splitboardbinding. Whether you play around with pillows or go buck at hairy spots, the SP Split has your back with high-end technology and a rock-solid construction. Easy entry by pulling down the lever and highback, step in and lift the highback and lever up. We made it a package so you don't have to search for a 'touring bracket' and 'heel risers'. Add some pucks and crampons and you're ready to go anywhere.

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Bindings SP Core ME2024


The sLab Baseplate is a rigid lightweight aluminum baseplate with a G-cell impact absorption cushioning as a footbed.

The Ergo x highback is a asymmetric mid-stiff highback made from light material. The asymmetrical build gives you a more direct transition on your board and more support on the places where you need it the most.

The super light Ultralight 3D ankle strap provides a good closure and sufficient support for higher speeds.

The EVA footbed dampens chatter and absorbs vibrations, which gives you a more relaxed ride. This results in less fatigue and more comfort.

All SP bindings use the Fastec system. The system is a rear entry with an extra closure at the ankle strap. This ensures a tighter enclosure than with a Flow with Fusion strap.

This binding is equipped with a 4x4 disc by default and is compatible with all standard insert patterns (as well as the Burton channel).


Voile Touring Bracket

Stainless steel bracket where the Slider Track attaches during the tour mode. Attached with stainless steel Slider Pin. Touring Bracket includes the plastic pin guide and all screws necessary to mount.

 Voile Splitboard Dual Climbing Heels + Heel Lock

In situations where a splitboarder needs better control and maneuverability when skiing their individual board halves, the Voile Heel Lockdown slides in for the win. While traversing ridgelines, sidestepping, or when cruising rolling terrain to the next ascent, the Heel Lockdown does just what its name suggests.

Seated securely under the Dual Climbing Heels, the Heel Lockdown’s two nylon hooks slide into your binding’s rails, fastening them to the board. No more faux telemark turns for you, buddy.


Baseplate: sLab Baseplate

Highback: Ergo X highback

Ankle strap: Ultralight Ankle strap

Toe strap: Performer Toe strap

Footbed: E.V.A. footbed with G-cell impact absorption and wrapped basebuffer

Fastec & Multientry system

Evo buckle

SP - snowboard bindings

SP Bindings is a company that produces snowboard bindings with a quick-fastening and unfastening system called FASTEC. The principle of operation of this system is very simple and consists in tilting the highback to a horizontal position, which automatically loosens the upper strap. Then, after inserting the shoe into the binding, raise the spoon to the starting position and latch the lock. In a few seconds we can fasten and unfasten the bindings. These types of bindings are especially popular among people who start their adventure with snowboarding and among people riding on prepared routes who do not want to waste time fastening their equipment after reaching the top with a lift.


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